Happiness Is … Playing in the Autumn Leaves

I may be forty five years old but I still am a kid at heart and as I have said in other posts I absolutely love playing in the fall leaves! My husband hates the leaves in our yard, I would leave them on the groud all through the season if I could, but he says they ruin the ground beneath. I don’t know if I believe that since in nature, in the woods, for example, no one is there to rake up the leaves. Whatever, he wants to rake them and I am alright with that since I get to mess up his piles!

Happiness Is ... Playing in the Autumn Leaves
Playing in the Leaves! 

My hubby will even play in the leaves with me!

Happiness Is ... Playing in the Autumn Leaves
Having Fun in the Leaves Together.

It is so important to our exterior to stay young on the inside. The more good healthy fun you have in life the younger your heart, spirit, and exterior can remain. I find having fun, especially in nature, to be essential to my overall well being.

So for me today, Happiness Is … playing in the Autumn Leaves!

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