Happiness Is … Organization

I love being organized, especially when it comes to my closet, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Now I can’t claim to be the most organized person, in fact I was just thinking how badly I need to organize all the files on my computer, as it is becoming quite a mess! I will say however it makes me feel very good when I do get things organized! I have been working on getting my closet more organized because when I do I always find something I can either sell, or donate, and often things that just need a good tossing out!

I picked up this little goodie a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places to shop, and I just love it!

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is ... Organization
Scarf Organizer

It’s just a nice hanging scarf organizer, I also hang my belts on it as well. Still plenty of room for more scarves and belts! These were only around ten dollars for two of them. I gave one to my daughter. Pretty inexpensive for that extra room in the closet! 

It makes me feel good to have some added space, and organization in my life, so today, for me, Happiness Is … something as simple as a scarf hanger. 

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