Happiness Is … My Wedding Photos

While we may not have the best wedding photos in the world, or even the fanciest album to store them in, I do love our wedding pictures! I think in a way, since they are not entirely perfect, that they are more special, because they truly emote the feelings, and fun we had on that day!

Not to knock expensive professional photography by any means, and not to undermine anyone’s wedding photography, I am sure I would have loved to have all that as well, but our wedding was very simple, beachside, and to us it was perfect.

We are rather simple, basic people, and even though we had a beachside wedding, a small cake, and very small gathering, we did our best, to look our best!

I picked out the outfits for everyone, including my husband’s silly beach hat. My dress was inexpensive as wedding dresses go, from David’s Bridal, but it was exactly what I wanted, even if it was not a typical beach wedding dress.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is My Wedding Photos
Our Wedding – Coco Beach Florida, June 2009

Our tiny cake was amazing, and I do mean amazing! My husband and I agree, we have not had a better cake since! It was vanilla on one layer, chocolate on another, with raspberry goodness in between.

I had to have live flowers so we went with tropical flowers in bright vivid colors. I tried to preserve them until we got home and I could have them professional preserved but sadly we were in Florida, and drove from Kansas where we live to Florida and back. The flowers, sadly, did not make the trip.

We had some other guests, as well as our small wedding party, but I am only showing my own small family here.

Aren’t my kiddos so cute! My daughter had her hair colored black back then.

The hubby and I were looking at our photos, so I also wanted to share some of them with you because it made me happy, and after all, for me,  this is what Happiness Is!

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