Happiness Is … Kids Old Clothing

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I have, over the years, saved certain clothing of my kids. Mostly I have saved every single tee shirt they have ever received from a sports team they were on, tee’s from their 4-H club years, and a few special suits, or dresses the kids wore for special occasions through out their childhood.

I have only held onto a few items that were not occassion or event specific due to the fact that by the time my kids have children of their own, should they do so, styles will probably be quite different from what they are now.

I would never want my kids to feel obligated to dress their children in fashions that were in style when they were little. I would not do that to them anymore than I would have wanted to wear clothing from the 40’s when I was a kid in the 70’s, but as a mom, I have had to hold onto a few things.

I was going through clothing this past week off and on, mostly getting out the winter items as it is about that time here in Kansas, and putting away summer items. In doing so I found a few gems that had never been put away with the other keepsake clothing.

These items are all my daughter’s and I have no idea how they escaped the container which keeps all the clothing I have stored away for both of my kids.

Almost Vintage Clothing Fashion Beyond Forty
Almost Vintage Clothing

Finding, or going through your kids, or grandkids old clothing sure can bring back great memories! I know my daughter loved being involved in Mega Soccer while she could before her legs tightened back up from her Cerebral Palsy. She was in several pageants when she was little and the pink leopard print set and the blue shorts are from those days, as well as the tan and blue floral outfit. The Barney shirt, well that is easy, she was in love with Barney, as many girls her age where back then. The red items are both from Pom and Cheer which was a Young Olympians class she took. My daughter is almost 20 now, so finding these precious items put a smile on my face. I don’t think my daughter is quite ready to trip down memory lane yet, give her ten more years and maybe she will find them precious too.

Have you ever come across items of nostalgia like this? What do you save and what do you donate, or throw out? It can be so hard to part with some precious things!

For me, today, Happiness Is … finding the kids old clothing and reminiscing.

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