Happiness Is … Good Tea

It was not too long ago that I was swept away into the world of fine tea. I am not speaking of the bagged stuff you can buy on the shelves at your local grocery store, rather high quality fine teas, that are discovered from around the globe.

As I learned and refined my tea tasting, and appreciation skills, I found myself being asked to review tea. I happily sipped away, and reviewed hundreds of wonderful teas over a period of about two years. I also amassed quite a collection of tea. The thing about tea however, is that once it is opened and exposed to air, it can lose quality, and flavor. So I stopped opening teas, and worked away from the world of tea reviewing because there was no way I could ever keep up with the demands and requests that I was receiving. I thanked the tea curators for our relationship and still have many good friends from that experience, and of course a refined palette when it comes to tea.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is ... Good Tea
Happiness Is a Good Cup of Tea

I am very thankful for my time being a tea reviewer, and love knowing that tea, like a fine wine, or cigar, is to be appreciated in its own respect.

Now days, I tend to drink one cup of coffee per day, one cup each morning, and I am also just as particular about my coffee as I am my tea. Toward the afternoon and into the evening I still enjoy a good cup of tea on occasion, but I am even more thankful when I can really sit back and take time to appreciate everything from the brewing method, to the chinaware I decide to sip out of, to the flavor notes with each sip.

For me having tea is still about ceremony as much as about wetting my whistle. It is not every evening that I get to just sit back and really take my time reflecting upon all the wonderful people I met, and places I learned about when researching tea history. It is not every evening I get to make special tea sipping snacks but I do love to do that when I have time.

I still have far more tea than I could ever drink in a lifetime without it all going stale first, but I love having such a grand selection and sending tea care packages off to friends when they request them.

So for me, today, Happiness Is … A lovely cup of tea.

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