Happiness Is … Getting Brows and Hair Done

Yesterday my daughter and I finally got out to get our brows waxed and our hair cut. I have been letting my brows fill in so I can go back to the fuller brow look which I am happy is back in style! The problem is that they got so out of hand that I was no longer able to take close up photos of eye makeup for reviews without feeling embarrassed, I looked like Sasquatch! There just comes a time with eyebrows where tweezing them yourself just doesn’t do!

I had also been letting my hair grow out from some major flat iron damage after having had to trim it myself to get rid of the damaged parts. It was a mess.

Happiness Is ... Getting Brows and Hair Done Fashion Beyond Forty
Getting Brows Waxed and Hair Styled

I went with a style I have had before, which I love, but sadly my hair was too short to work with and create exactly the look I wanted. It will grow out enough to achieve this look soon, but in the mean time I look like a boy. Not too thrilled, but not the fault of my stylist who did a good job.

You will see the cut, styled, in upcoming blog posts.

The happy part of the day however, was spending time with my daughter, which is always something I love to do.

We had a good day, went to get dinner after right next door at one of our favorite pizza places.

So for me, Today, Happiness Is … Spending time with my daughter getting our beauty treatment on!

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