Happiness Is … A Dining Room Table

Ever since we moved into our new home we have been without a dining room table. Well actually we had a very small, very old dining room table, but it was actually too small for our larger dining room. Truth be told, I didn’t want to use our small four seater because there are six of us when we all sit down together, and I wanted a table where we could all sit and enjoy a meal, or play games together on family game night. The thing is, in our old house, we didn’t have room for a table larger than a four seater. Now that we did have a large enough room for a six seater, I really wanted one!

At first my husband was going to build us one, but we were going pretty slow on getting all the tools he would need to build one with. Then he had shoulder surgery, so even if we had all of the tools, he can not build anything for many months to come. I was getting impatient, especially with the holidays approaching. So, we finally decided we would look one more time for a dining room table that didn’t  cost an arm and a leg, that was nice enough to put in our new home. I am so glad that we did! With holiday sales we were able to get this one for under 400.00.

Fashion Beyond Forty happiness is
New Dining Room Table

No, it is not as nice as my husband could build, but it is as nice as some tables I priced a few months back at around 1700.00!

I love that the backs of the chairs have some padding, and the seats are very comfy too. My daughter has a hard time sitting for too long without some comfort due to her cerebral palsy, so these chairs are perfect. Really anyone would have a hard time sitting too long without some padding for comfort. I also love the style of the chairs.

I can’t wait for the holidays now, and for our first game night! Now of course when I have family over we will still need more seating, but we can pull out our old table, which I will never get rid of since it was my grandparents table. Yes the table I have been using I sat at as a child. Funny thing is though, this old vintage table is still solid and strong. I am sure my old table will long outlive this new one, but by the time the new one bites the dust, hopefully my husband will have all the tools he needs to make us one. Or by that time, we will just revert back to the old four seater because maybe the kids will be hosting family game nights!

So today, for me, Happiness Is … A new dining room table for our family.

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