Happiness Is … Daughter Gets A New Job

My daughter got herself a job today, but not just a new job ladies, a job at Bath and Body Works! Look out world, our home is about to be overrun with amazing, wonderful smelly good items! As if it was not already filled with goodies before from Bath and Body Works, which happens to be one of our favorite stores! 

Happiness Is ... Daughter Gets A New Job
We LOVE Bath and Body Works! 

We already enjoy their regular coupons giving us amazing deals on their items, but now my daughter will be in the hub of it all, and during the holiday sales to boot! 

I am so excited for her. She has wanted to get a part time job for awhile now, but has been timid about going into the “working world” while still in school. This is going to be a great experience for her. 

It is a temporary job through holiday seasons but of course those types of jobs can always turn into more if they have a spot for her after the holidays are over. Even if not, it is still a good experience for her either way. 

I am so proud of my girl, having been through multiple surgeries for her cerebral palsy, and having type 1 diabetes, something as normal as going to college, or working a part time job for may are taken for granted. My daughter has to fight extra hard to keep up. She has had some pretty major set backs this past year, but she is a strong person, with a great spirit. 

So today, for me, Happiness is … my daughter meeting a goal! 

What struggles have you had this past year? What have you done to cover come them? Don’t be shy, be proud! Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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