Hair Emergencies Solved: Bedhead

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We have all had “those” mornings – you know the one where the everyone is running late and you just don’t have time to deal with your hair? Madison Reed to the rescue with some strategies to make it out the door and in control of the bedhead! Thanks to Madison Reed we have some helpful tips and solutions! 

 Hair Emergencies Solved: Bedhead

The Emergency: Your hair is a bird’s nest after a restless night’s sleep.

How You Got Here: Tossing and turning in bed has ruffled your hair to the point of no return.

Solution 1:

Mist your hair with water or a leave in conditioner
Quickly blow it dry.

Solution 2:

Apply a small, quarter-sized drop of gel or mousse to your hair.
Brush the gel into your hair if you have straight hair, or scrunch the mousse into your hair if you have curly hair.

Solution 3:

Embrace it, messy hair can look quite cool.
Flip your head and run your fingers through your hair to get more volume.

Tips for Prevention: Wear a head scarf to bed or try a satin pillow case. Put your hair up in a bun or two twists while you sleep, so when you wake up and let your hair down you have a soft waves.
Tips courtesy of Madison Reed – Healthy, professional-grade, hair color and care.

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