Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!

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For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I love Groopdealz! It was not until I received an email from them however that I realized just how great it is going to be this season stuffing stockings! Okay first I have to tell you how much I love stuffing stockings. It is my favorite part of the holiday season, other than being with those I love. Some people love to bake cookies, pies, and other sweet treats. Some people enjoy decorating. What I love is finding the most unique and personalized gifts for each person in my family and making the perfect stocking experience for them. With that said, when I received Groopdealz latest email announcing their Rocking The Stocking sale, I had that ah ha moment! Of course Groopdealz is the perfect place to do most, if not all of my stocking shopping! 
Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!

Groopdealz is the perfect place to find all of my must have stocking stuffers, especially for the girls and women in my family, but I am noticing they are stocking up (no pun intended) on a lot of great gifts for the guys too! 
Check out a couple that caught my eye for the guys such as these money clips that you can personalize for each man in your family at 9.90 each. 
Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!
Personalized Money Clips $9.90 on Groopdealz

 Or the Lucky Penny Personalized Key Chain which sells for only 3.99, which is shocking because you would pay that much for personalization alone at most engraving shops!

Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!
Lucky Penny Personalized Keychain 3.99 on Groopdealz
And of course for the ladies, and girls we have lip balm, an item I could never have too many of. I keep one or two in my purse, one by my bedside, one at my workspace, pretty much everywhere in the house. Groopdealz has three great flavors right now, Chocolate, Orange, and Peppermint. How about mixing chocolate and orange, or peppermint and chocolate, Yum! 
Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!
Lip Blams 1.99 at Groopdealz
Or for the young and young at heart we have Colorful Slap Watches which are only 4.99 each and come in ten different vibrant colors! The only difficulty I see is deciding which colors to get! 
Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!
Colorful Slap Watches 4.99 at Groopdealz
Speaking of younger folk, come on … how cute are these!?

Groopdealz Rocking The Stocking!
Omg TOO cute! 

I swear had these been a thing back when my “young adult” children were babies, I would have been all over this! My daughter was especially attached to her pacifier, aka “wee wee” when she was a tot. This is the perfect item for a new mom in your family, for her infant’s stocking!

Granted items at Groopdealz sale out fast so you have to get while the getting is good, but they are constantly renewing their inventory so you will find all types of great items before the holidays! Do yourself a favor and bookmark Groopdealz now, and keep checking back for more great deals for the holidays, especially these super fun, functional, useful, and cute stocking stuffers. 

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