Grey and Mint Fashion

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Wearing the colors grey and mint together is quite popular. It is all over Pintrest. I decided to give it a try with items I had in my closet. I pulled out my Seven7 mint color jeans (purchased on sale for 10.00 online), paired them with a light grey tank top from Wet Seal (4.00), my favorite dark grey Kensie Plush Cardigan 59.00 from LeTote, and some grey boots I bought from someone in a trade group on facebook for 10.00 – total outfit cost = 83.00 with exception of jewelry which was purchased for under 10.00 for both necklace and earrings. I generally do not count jewelry in totals of outfits due to the fact they can be worn with so many things. To me counting the cost of jewelry would be like counting the cost of makeup. For that matter, my Kensie Cardigan gets tons of love, I wear it with nearly everything! Best Cardigan you can find for under a hundred in my opinion. 

So here are my photos of my Grey and Mint effort. 

Grey and Mint Fall Fashion Fashion Beyond Forty
Three shades of Grey with Mint

 I think the cardigan looks rather dark in the photos, but in person is lighter. For that matter I think my jeans look more baby blue in the photo than mint. I may need to stop taking photos at night with overhead lighting and stick to natural light only. Here is a photo of the Kensie cardigan from the LeTote site. 

Kensie Grey Cardigan Fashion Beyond Forty
Kensie Grey Cardigan

Yup, much lighter than my photos! 

So what do you think? Do you like the Grey and Mint fashions? Personally, I love the look. I think it is a great idea for any time of the year, especially during season transition times. 

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