Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe

Boots: Round Toe or Pointed Toe – Which is for you? 

I used to always prefer round toe boots, doing anything I could to avoid pointed toe boots. This seems to be changing for me however. I can at least say, that now, I like both equally. It could be due to this year’s trends leaning more toward pointed toe boots, but I would like to think I am just becoming more open-minded. One can’t deny however trends do influence us, even if we don’t like to admit it. Pointed toe boots became more of the norm at the beginning of this year, so obviously we see more marketing done for pointed toe boots, more options offered to us in pointed toe styles, and more blog articles, ads, and women wearing pointed toe boots. Therefore it is hard to deny that what we see more of, becomes naturally more attractive and acceptable to us.

Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe
Perfectly Round Toe Boots

Either way, wether you prefer round toe boots, or pointed toe boots, keeping an open mind to both always opens the doors for many more boot options!

To me, personally, I find round toe boots to be more casual, more laid, back, for every day wear. Pointed toe boots, to me, seem more stylish, more professional, or dressy.

Granted it also depends on the specific style, cut, design, and fabric or material of the boots, but overall a pointed toe to me speaks to be more high fashion.

I have heard women complain about pointed toe boots hurting their toes, but truly, if your boots fit well, this should not be an issue. Make sure when buying pointed toe boots that they fit well, never leave a shoe store with tight fitting pointed toe boots. What you may normally be able to squeeze into with round toe boots, you will regret later with pointed toe boots! All shoes should fit well regardless, your feet are very important and you want to keep them healthy, especially as we get older. Women over forty begin to find that they no longer enjoy wearing high heels, or are not as comfortable in certain types of shoes, or that they get sores on their feet more easily. This is why it is so important that our shoes fit correctly, and we are not pushing the comfort boundaries on a daily basis, as it will leave us a little wiggle room (no pun intended) for when we do want, or need, to wear those shoes that are not so comfortable!

Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe
Pointy Toe Boots
Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe
Love the Detail on These Pointed Toe Boots

Being well into my forties myself, I can say that I enjoy shoes that are easy to wear, comfortable, and no hassle, but there are times I still want to put on todays latest fashion in shoes, be that platforms, high heels, or whatever the latest trends are. I find that when a good ninety percent of the time I am wearing comfortable shoes, my feet do not hurt as bad when I wear something that is not necessarily comfortable.

Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe
Rounded Toe Boots

One thing is for sure, there are more fun, unique, styles of boots than ever before, I personally love it. This is one reason I look forward to cold weather, boots, and sweaters! Whatever you usually prefer, round toe, or pointed toe, give the other shape a chance! Now is a time in our life cycle where we can really experiment, we are older, wiser, and less effected by the critical eye of others. By the age of forty, we have earned our stripes, and the right to wear whatever we want!

Boots Round Toe or Pointed Toe
What’s Your Favorite? Round or Pointed Toe?

So what do you usually go for? The pointed toe look or the rounded toe? Comment below your thoughts on the topic, and always remember those in need by donating used clothing and boots to charity.

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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