Walmart Beauty Box Review Number Two

My daughter also got a Walmart beauty box. Hers arrived late due to some issues at their shipping site. We had to call to ask where it was and they happily sent out another box. Their customer service was nice, helpful, and efficient. So this is our look at her box, you can see my review on my box too! 

For general information and link to get your Walmart Beauty Box you can visit my past review, or also check here.

Now, onto our look at my daughter’s box:

 Fashion Beyond Forty
Walmart Beauty Box Contents

I have a theory that Walmart will send you different items based on your age, although there are only a few different box contents that seem to be floating around. My daughter and I got some of the same items, but clearly some different items as well. Here is a list of what my daughter got:

1. Clinical Strength Secret Deodorant – She normally uses this so between hers, and the one I got in my box she is set for awhile on this product. 
2. Pink Friday perfume sample – this is Nicki Minaj’s perfume, to be honest, it smells pretty darn good, although very sweet.
3. Glossy Balm by L’Oreal Lip Pencil, very light nude with pink tint. Very pretty! 
4. Covergirl Glossy Days Nail Polish – very summery color for a fall box but pretty! 
5. Dove Adcanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Sample
6. Dove Adcanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Sample – but shampoo and conditioner are for fine limp hair, which my daughter has not.
7. Dove Care Dry Oil for Hair, an African Macadamia Oil Complex. 
8. L’Oreal YouthCore Pore Vanisher
9. Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup Sample Card with 8 shades

My daughter’s box is pretty nice! My shampoo and conditioner samples were packets, so I think she got a better deal overall. Let’s total it up:

Glossy Balm 6.99
Secret Deodorant 7.59
Covergirl GlossyDays 3.00 
Dove Shampoo and Conditioner 3.50
All other samples averaged at 1.00 each x 4 = 4.00
A total of 25.08 for a shipping only fee of 5.00
If you look at it dollar value wise it is a good deal. 

My box was worth a bit more dollar value wise, and I did get some “higher end” products but my daughter got more fun colorful stuff in her box. Either way I am happy with these boxes for the fact alone that my daughter actually buys and uses the deodorant to begin with, and everything else is lovely to try, plus there were a couple full sized products in each of our boxes. 

What did you get in your Walmart Beauty Box? Are you happy with it? Are you looking forward to your Spring box to come out? Let me know in comments please. 

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