Pure Formulas Review

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Pure Formulas is one of my favorite new places on the web! I will just show you why I love them so much by coping some information from their site because they tell it best! 

All About Us

We love what we do. Does it show?

If you were to walk through our doors, you’d meet a group of fun-loving people motivated by passion. We push to reach our goals while playing practical jokes and share laughs while trying to break our own shipping speed records. We might even play a Ping Pong match in the warehouse.
Maybe it’s the sunny South Florida climate, the healthy living or the mix of cultures we represent, but we enjoy working hard and having fun. Does it show?

Small, but mighty

We don’t mind being the little guy in the industry either and have no plans to become a mega retailer. We’re small, but mighty in terms of service, products and principles. And we expect you to hold us to our principles too.

Our Promise

We promise to listen to you, our customer, and provide pure, high-grade products that support your health and lifestyle. We also promise to act responsibly in choosing products, pricing them and storing them.
  • Fast, free shipping
  • Low prices
  • High quality products
  • Safe climate-controlled storage
  • Friendly, efficient service
  • Secure online ordering
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
Have we worked hard enough to earn your business? Let us know.

I want to say first of all that their shipping is always free, and it is super fast! I got my lipstick I ordered today, no I did not need another lipstick, and I just placed my order on the 14th! That means it got from South Florida to Kansas in four days, for free! Yay! That is faster than a lot of big brands out there! 

I love natural items, not that I am against using anything that helps me look my best but if I can find great natural products they are extra special! The lipstick I ordered is this:

Beauty Without Cruelty Sweet Pea

It’s from Beauty Without Cruelty in Sweet Pea. It is a very pale pink, what I would describe almost a nude pink when on the lips. They have many other colors as well. Regularly 22.95 on sale on the site for 17.37 and if you use my link with referral code you will get 10.00 off your first order! In addition if you use coupon code WLCFB15 you will get an additional 15% off! I paid 4.76 for this lip color! You can of course use your 10.00 off and 15% off on anything you want! I have no idea how long the 15% off code is good for so hurry if you want to use it with your 10.00 off referral credit! 

Me Wearing Sweet Pea
As for a review of this company I give them an A+ for fast free shipping and what they stand for! As for the product I give another A+ for being cruelty free and having a great product that lasts on my lips! 
Forgive the crazy eyes, I have had a busy day with housework. 
So basically I got a great deal on this and wanted to pass the deal along to all of you! If you decide to use my link and code (don’t forget the extra 15% off, please come back and let me know what you bought in the comments section below. 

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