Pleather Pants

Pleather Pants are hot for this fall but can someone our age pull them off? I think so, and I think the trick is not to try making them the focal point of the outfit.

Pleather pants can look great on the younger girls with a tank, tee, crop top, or just about anything, but for someone closer to 40 you might want to consider wearing them with a tunic, or blouse and jacket.

Now I am not one to tell anyone that they can’t wear what they are comfortable in! If you feel good wearing pleather pants with a crop top, by all means, own the look and go for it, but for most women my age, wearing something bold with something a little more tailored or classic helps.

I went somewhere in the middle myself. My tunic is by no means classic but it does take away from the bold pant, in fact the entire look is somewhat bold, but when things pull together well it works.

I purchased the tunic below from a local boutique, it is from Adore. I also saw a lot of tunics like this on Zulily recently as well. The pleather pants came from Groopdealz, necklace from Baubelbar, earrings from Little Black Bag (no longer in business), boots from JustFab, I am no longer a member of fab, as I was not a fan of the quality of products, many items fit poorly, and the customer service was horrid. Regardless, here is my look with pleater pants. 

I figure that I will use my pleather pants with several outfits but more as leggings rather than with shorter tops that accentuate the pants themselves. I may try them with a blouse and jacket however. The way I look at it is why let the kids have all the fun? After all we have paid our dues, been through raising families, and life’s struggles, if anyone can own a pair of pleather pants it would be us! 

Best of all, I only paid 15.49 Shipped via Groopdealz! You can also enter to win a 50.00 gift certificate by entering my Groopdealz Giveaway!

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Stay Stylish! 

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