Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows and Perfect Brow Brush Review

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review.

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This is Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows, and the Perfect Brow Brush. 

Let me tell you a little about Paula Dorf as a company: 

Paula Dorf is famous for unique “trick” products that offer solutions to every woman’s makeup concerns, such as Transformer® (from eye shadow to liquid liner), Perfect Illusion® for lips (ends feathering lips), Perfect Illusion® for eyes (smoothes skin), Perfect Primer® (keeps foundation fresh), Enhancer® baby eyes (brightens eyes) and Clean-Up Stick® (erases makeup mistakes). 
Crafting brushes from art supply stores, our early tools included the award winning Foundation Brush, Cheek Cream Brush and Eye Transformer Brush, so unique they are patented. Paula Dorf’s designs are so phenomenal that other companies have tried to duplicate them, yet none have been able to match.  After working on our unparalleled brush collection, Paula Dorf Cosmetics created a high quality, long-wearing, easy to use color cosmetic line that is designed for every woman. Our makeup philosophy is to empower women and is captured best in our signature phrase: Become your own makeup artist®. 
Seen in the latest issues of In Style, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle and on celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Sandra Bullock, Debra Messing and Reneé Zellweger, Paula’s products are constantly embraced as industry favorites. 
Paula Dorf Cosmetics has received a variety of accolades over the years including multiple “Allure Best of Beauty” awards, Self Magazine’s Healthy Beauty Award and the Fashion Group International “Rising Star Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2006. 

And now lets take a look at some of the photos from Paula Dorf site (my photos coming up soon) 

Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows Blonde
Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows Neutral
Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows Red
Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows Brunette
Perfect Brow Brush
Okay so I am using Brunette in my photos, but before I go there I also wanted to show you something else I found on their website, well okay I found a lot of goodies on their site but I really want this because I feel I am still too much of an amature with my brows to go it alone … 
Brow Stencil Kit! 

Alright sorry I told you I was excited! Especially just after posting my earlier post about full eyebrows being back in fashion! Needless to say, I just got this product in for testing yesterday and I decided to give it a go tonight, I had no idea I was going to love it so much!

Here are my photos of the Paula Dorf Products because even though they are pictured above from the website itself, I always like to see the actual items taken by a person using them. 

Paula Dorf 2 + 1 For Brows and Perfect Brow Brush

Now if you are wondering, “is this difficult to apply?” No it is super easy! I am absolutely no pro with makeup, let alone brow makeup! All you do is dip the brush in the color, or blend the colors to get your perfect brow match, then dip in the wax, and apply. I was expecting some type of learning curve but ladies, there was none! It was so easy! 

This is me before using Paula Dorf 2+1 For Brows and the Perfect Brow Brush


And this is right after application before brushing out with a typical brow brush. 

During / Right After Application WOW!

Can you see what a huge difference! No more thin, uneven, disappearing brows! This was so super easy, ladies you have no idea I have barely worked with my brows over the years. I have used one other product before this which I loved because it was the only product I had truly worked with, but now … I am in awe of this product! 

And here is me after applying eye make up, because we can’t have POW brows and no eye makeup now can we! 

Completed Look! 

And one more photo – the before and after …. 

I would say it is easy to see which looks better! KaBAM! 

I selected the Brunette color, even though I personally think my hair has red tones to it, but everyone else calls me a brunette so I went with that. I am personally so happy with this product that I Instagramed a before and after photo before even posting to the blog about it! 

What do you all think? Will you be grabbing some for yourself? Well, if you want to, and you should in my opinion … you can get a FREE Perfect Brow Brush, with purchase, retail value 24.00 by using the code BROWBRUSH when you check out! The 2+1 For Brows retails at 26.00 so go grab some now if you are as amazed as I am, and I hope you are because I feel like I look amazing with the help of this product! 

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