One Lovely Blog Award

The lovely Carol Wang who runs Intrice nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award”! I am excited and honored because Carol has such a lovely blog, and she is such a cool lady! 

The rules are to thank the person who nominated me, and of course I am so thankful to Carol please check out her blog and I am supposed to tell 7 facts about myself then nominate 7 other bloggers I would like to get to know better so here goes:
Seven Facts About Me: 
1. I have an unreasonable fear of heights and bridges. 
2. I love the woods, rain forests, and nature. I could be perfectly happy sleeping outside in a tent or living in wood shack or tree house! 
3. I love watching shows and movies that take place in the middle ages. 
4. I have an embarrassingly large amount of loose leaf tea. 
5. I do not function well if I get more than six hours of sleep.
6. I am a total statement necklace junkie (as if you can’t tell from my blog).
7. I get bummed out when my grocery store is out of my favorite tomatoes. 
The seven blogs I nominate are: 
Rona Berry-Morin at BerryMorins Bits and Tips
Darleen Marie at Darleen Marie.

Vickie at Best Beauty for my Buck
Debbie Doll Arent at whatdoyouthinkdoll 

I look forward to reading the answers from these lovely bloggers!

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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