Nail Care Kit for the Holidays

I wanted to let you all know about something that you may see in your local mall this coming holiday season. Generally this item will be sold in free standing booths set up around escalators, or in midsections of the mall. The sales people are pushy, as I am sure they work on a commission of some kind. They are usually very good looking people of different nationalities, usually Mediterranean  They will stop you as you are walking by and can be quite annoying, but if you love to take care of your nails, you may just want to stop. 

This is the item I am speaking of: 

 Fashion Beyond Forty
Perfect Gift for Holidays! 

The product seems to go by different names at different vendors in a larger mall, or different malls, or even changes brand name one year from the next, but the idea behind the product, and the quality generally remain the same. I love my kit, in fact we purchased them for friends and family members as well. I think they work wonders on my nails, and if you ever have rough, or wavy nails you need this! 

The buffer has three sides, that you use in a specific order to smooth nails, and the cuticle oil is good too. The lotion is very nice and the kit comes in different scents. I only recall the Ocean, and Kiwi scent from last season but there were four scents to choose from in total. 

If you are brave, bicker with them on price and do not be afraid to say no and walk away if they do not come down on the price! My husband said that they originally asked for over thirty for each kit and he got them down to twenty, but then since he offered to buy five kits in total he asked them to come down to fifteen per kit! I think that is a pretty fair price for a holiday gift for those in your life who are into nail care, or need to be. 

So as you are browsing the mall this holiday season, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this gem of a product, but be warned and ready to stand firm on wanting a “deal” but keep in mind I am also sure the employees are also dealing with you on their own commission as well, meaning the less they sell the kit for the less they personally make, so try to let them earn a little. Regardless, on the flip side, if you are not interested in this kit at all, avoid these booths, and trust me these sales people are VERY persistent so be ready to ignore and keep walking! 

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