Lip Monthly Review October 2014

Disclosure: Referral links are used in this post.

This is my first Lip Monthly Review and to begin I want to highlight Lip Monthly’s referral program because it is really quite good! I am pasting this from their website:

Refer Friends – Get a Free Box & Earn Reward Points!

The Lip Monthly Points program is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. If you refer 1 friend through our unique referral system, you will earn 1 Free Box! Each additional referral will earn you shop points! We reward you for doing the things you already do: shop on, refer friends to the program, and send us feedback on your products. Best of all, the points you earn can be used to purchase more full-size products!

 Refer 1 Friend, Get a FREE Box!

If you refer a friend, we’ll award you a free box. If you are not subscribed to Lip Monthly, you can still refer friends and earn a free box, you’ll just need to subscribe once you earn your free box. You’ll immediately be given your 1st box free and will not be charged upon sign up. If you are subscribed, you can refer a friend and you will be immediately credited $10 so you will not be charged for your next month. Please note that you will get one free box for the first referral. For each additional subscriber, you will earn 50 shop points ($5) which can be redeemed on our Shop! After each month, you will be able to refer a friend to get the next box free.

You can always check your Lip Monthly Points balance on your account page. Join or sign in to the Lip Monthly Points Program HERE and begin sharing with your friends!
Earning Lip Monthly Points

It’s easy to rack up the points.
Sign up for a Lip Monthly membership — you earn 110 points for a yearly subscription, 25 points for a 4-month subscription, 10 points for a monthly subscription.
Shop, shop — every time you purchase a full-size product from our Shop or a gift membership, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
Refer friends — Earn 50 points for every friend that signs up for Lip Monthly.
Fill out product feedback surveys — Lip Monthly members earn 10 points for each completed product feedback survey (look for the feedback icon on every product detail page). Only products sampled through Lip Monthly are eligible for feedback points.
You can always check your Lip Monthly Points balance on your account page. Join or sign in to the Lip Monthly Points Program HERE and begin sharing with your friends!

Now I realize that was a lot of information but I think you can see from it that Lip Monthly has really tried to make it easy for us to continue our own subscriptions as well as accumulating points for full size product! I like that! My referral link is in this post so if even one of you subscribe I will get my next box free! I like that a lot! I also like that even if I am not currently subscribed I can still benefit from the referral program as not all sub boxes do this!

So lets look at what I got and what I think of it all:
Product Info and Makeup Bag
I want to say right off I love the bag! I get a lot of make up subs that come with makeup bags, but this one is the roomiest I have received which is very nice! I can keep quite a large stash of goodies in this bag and I need that! 
The product card is nice because it does not just list the items. and where to get them like a lot of product cards, but instead tells a little of the product but also helpful hints, tricks, and tidbits. 
The Goods and a Trail of One Product
So here are my goodies for October. I like that they include a non lip item even though it is yet another another black eyeliner. I think at this point between all my sub boxes I will never need to buy another black eyeliner again for the rest of my life. I am so over black eyeliners. Regardless, I love the Starlooks lip scrub! I have some, but it is out of date by a year! Not that lip scrub that is all natural can really go all that bad, but this scrub seems to have a coffee bean in it, which is good because that plumps the lips nicely and well, I do like the flavor. 
At first I was not excited at all about the Noya balm, I wanted more colors, but truth be told, I can always use another balm, I like to stash them all over the place so I have one on hand no matter if I am in my car, hubby’s tuck, or any room in the house. Plus this one is all natural and has a nice cherry flavor, which tastes natural! 
In the photo to the right I am wearing the deVine Lip Shimmer in Pinot Noir color and flavor, actually it has more of a straight grape flavor but that is okay, I like it, and the color is nice, although not highly pigmented, with limited staying power, but it does leave a light tint behind which is also alright. Not astounding but a neat product that I rather like, and never would have had a chance to try before. 
Then we have Kat Nude Lipstick, which I have not had a chance to try yet, but I am always up for trying a new nude color! Don’t let the packing fool you, it looks like a gloss but it is in fact a lip stick and I do like the packaging on this one. It is more of an apricot nude shade. 
All in all I am pretty happy with my first Lip Monthly shipment. I saw an earlier sneak peek from another blogger and I was a little disappointed at the balm, and lack of vibrant colors, but I feel Lip Monthly did a good job of bringing some new interesting product, and a good mixture of options. I do like the non lip item being included, even though I don’t particularly like this specific non lip item. Not due to the brand but due to it being a black eyeliner in and of itself. Unless this proves to be the best eyeliner I have ever used, my mind won’t be changing on that. 
I am not gobsmacked by the contents, but I am not let down, and for ten bucks I am happy with it! While the products are not from lines I have heard of before, I guess that is part of the fun, trying new interesting things we do not see advertised all over the internet and in stores. I would say that this sub is very worth the low ten dollar monthly fee. 
My favorite aspect of this bag however is the bag itself! I had noticed just last week how full my current makeup bags were and how I needed one that had more space in it! Wish granted! 
If you want to give Lip Monthly a try please use my referral link and let me know what you think after you get your first bag! 

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