Key West Health & Beauty Retinol Cream Review

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review.

As you all know, I test and review a lot of products, especially skin creams, retinol creams, serums, moisturizers, etc. I often find products that do not give results, I do not take time to review those items because time is not something I have a lot of. When I do like a product I like to let my readers know about it. Key West Healthy & Beauty sent me their retinol cream for review so I am sharing my feedback on the product with you today. 

Before I begin my personal feedback here is some information from the company:

Key West Health & Beauty was founded by 2 multi-location day spa owners with over 15 years of experience performing thousands of skin care treatments. Our retinol night cream is an advanced formula with 97% natural and 71% organic ingredients, unlike most retinol creams that contain heavy amounts of synthetic ingredients and fillers.
At a strength of 2.5%, it contains 2 1/2 times the amount of retinol as the standard 1% strength found in most retinol creams and is the strongest percentage available without a prescription.
Our 1.7 oz size is nearly twice the size as the standard 1 oz container offered with most retinol products.
We are confident that our retinol cream will produce results. All of our products are backed with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! 

I do like a 100% money back guarantee! Not only does it show that the company has confidence in their product, but it tells me that it must work pretty well!

Here is a photo of the product from the company:

Key West Health & Beauty
I think this is such a pretty photo! 

I also love their website:

Key West Health & Beauty Retinol Cream Review
They have three sections, Skin Care, Body Care, and Foot Care. I noticed in their skin care line they have a Dark Spot Corrector! I sure could use that product and plan to order it! I will be sure to do a review on it for you all when I am able to do so! I will give it some time before I do this however because their retinol cream also does the same thing, in fact I have noticed the diminishing of my dark spots since I began to use this product. I believe their product targeted for dark spots would work even better, because fact is, I can still see my dark spots, even though the retinol cream did lighten them a lot. 
What I appreciate most about the Key West Health & Beauty line is that it is organic and also USDA approved. 
So what did I personally like about Key West Health & Beauty Retinol Cream? Well the most important thing I noticed was how much it reduced my pores! To be completely honest, I never really considered my pores to be large. I mean I can see them but I don’t think they are huge or anything. Regardless, after using this I have actually seen them reduced which makes me wonder if maybe they were large to begin with and I just had no frame of reference! I do use a makeup primer which has always more or less “filled in” my pores and I do notice a huge difference when using my primer, and I still use it, but now the primer does not have as large of an effect due to the help from this retinol cream. So that is a win for this product. Also as I said I did notice lightening of my dark spots. From what I understand nothing can make dark spots completely disappear, which is sad, but this has helped make them less noticeable. 
If there is a downside, I would say that this cream is better for normal to dry skin. My skin is not oily but slightly more combination than normal, but only in a few very small areas, such as around my nose creases by my nostrils and just under my nose. This retinol cream would be amazing for dry skin for sure, and works well on my slightly combination skin, but I can’t say for sure how it would be for very oily skin. 
Back to the upside, and it may be worth a try for those even with oiler skin, I did see tightening of my skin, less wrinkles, and an overall youthful look, and for the record, I will say that my skin tone is completely more even than ever before! On that note, I did sample not too long ago, for a solid month, a really great anti-aging serum, which I loved, but I also noticed that my skin tone went through a lot of changes in the process, now I know this is typical of many serums, and I am fine with that, but this retinol cream never, at any point, caused my skin to go through a transformation period! In fact from the first day or two I noticed my skin tone evening out. I think that makes it worth a try even if your skin is more toward combination or oily. 
My overall take on this company, their organic ingredients, their USDA approval, and their product, is that I would recommend Key West Health & Beauty Retinol Cream to you!  

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