Ipsy Review October 2014

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Today we will take a look at my October Ipsy Glam Bag. Fist off I was slightly let down since the preview of my bag was perfect for me and was right on with my profile. When I received my bag it was different. I did write to Ipsy to inquire about this as my bag contents have always matched my preview in the past. Their response was more or less that these things happen due to various reasons. I won’t go into detail about it but the reply was not a direct answer and did not satisfy me. 

Either way the items I got were not totally off, just not as great as the preview they had shown me. 

Ipsy Review October 2014
My October Ipsy Glam Bag.

The theme for October’s Ipsy Glam Bag was Beauty Candy, which the bag is totally in line with. I love the vibrant color of this bag and will use it. Each Ipsy bag has their logo on the zipper which is cute. 

Now as for the items, my favorite item is the Rose Berry Figs & Rose hand cream, even though another hand cream is the last thing I need, I find it fitting for the beauty candy bag. The packaging is vibrant, pretty, and looks good enough to eat and I do love figs! However the rest of the items just do not fit the theme for me. 

Now granted I am not one to even pay much attention to themes, they are cute enough but as long as I get nice products I could care less, but this month I was totally into the theme! Beauty CANDY sounds like something enticing! 

The nail polish, which is perfectly fitting for the Fall season, is excellent, and I am happy to have it, so even though I do like it, I find it does not fit the theme at all. Its is a very dark, blood red, moody color, nothing vibrant, bright, and as cheerful as candy. 

Then we have the mascara, uggg, more mascara! If I never see another mascara in a sub box again I would be happy. In the past two to three months I have received more black mascara, from a few select brands, than I could use in a life time! I do not mean to come off as ungrateful or petty, but sub boxes MUST reach out of the box or they will lose subscribers! I think many of us love these sub boxes, bags, etc because they help us as consumers step out of our comfort zones, show us things we would not otherwise find, or give us, if nothing else, a chance to try something new. And sure, maybe I have not tried this specific brand before, but when you get so many of the same type of product over and over you just stop caring about new brands. Spread them out a little perhaps or make sure you are not sending the exact same product and brand that five other sub boxes are in the same timeframe. Anyway, more mascara, which I know someone else will love to have, and it will be added to one of my many giveaways. On a last note, I would be happy to try some green mascara, or blue, or purple even, which would have been far more fitting for a “Beauty Candy” box! 

Moving on … the lip gloss. Okay fine, except I already have it in a full size, from guess where, another sub box. Sigh here we go again. From a business stand point – I get it! These brands are hot and heavy right now hitting the market with their samples, the sub boxes are getting them for free, or at a steep discount to pass on to us, in a partnership arrangement. So be it, but there is a thing of over flooding the market and turning us off. Even though what consumers pay for these sub bags, boxes, etc is a great value we are still paying our money for them, thus we still want to be excited! And again, the color while one I do like, does not really ring out “Beauty Candy” what about a bright, bold, vibrant color? Something that POPS. Anyway, its alight, but not exciting. 

Then last, we have the exfoliating cleanser, which I have used, and it was alright. I did not necessarily feel it was a must have product, or something I would run out to buy, but it was efficient. The thing is, I have elected for absolutely NO skin care items in my bag, which I know sometimes I will have to get one, and I accept that, but again if more of the other items had been exciting to me, maybe I would not be so unexcited by this item. 

I think that the problem with the sub box companies is that they do not realize when we are let down by more than half of the items in our bag, we tend to be let down about everything in the bag, which is unfair to the brands overall! Its like the old saying, one rotten apple spoils the bunch. 

I know I sound really bitchy in this post, and I would say to myself “hey its just you, no one else feels this way” except for the fact that I belong to a lot of beauty groups, and I see that I am not the only one who feels this way. 

Sure when people post photos of the things they got you will always hear someone say “I would have loved to get that item, or that bag, etc… but that is only due to them being let down by their own bag, or loving one specific product. 

I am not saying any of these products in my Ipsy Glam Bag in and of themselves are bad. In fact they are all quite good, even the mascara that I would never want in a million years due to having so many. But with that said, what it comes down to is if a sub bag wants to have a theme, stick to it! Don’t show me a preview of my bag and then change it on me, that only works if I did not like my preview to begin with. And please, check what the other sub bags and boxes are doing and try not to repeat so many of the same items and brands, at least in the exact same colors. Lastly, actually use the style profiles you have us fill out! If we say we don’t want skin care items, just don’t send them! I would have been happier with an eye shadow, which in fact WAS in my preview! I have never received even one eye shadow in a sub bag or box since I have been getting them! Why? For that matter I do not recall getting a blush! I have got bronzers though, but that is a whole different animal but as close to makeup as I have received other than – you guessed it – mascara and lip colors. Finally I thought one sub bag, Ipsy Glam Bag, got it right and was sending me one, as shown in my preview, and now they have totally lost my faith. 

So what are your experiences with sub boxes? Mine for the most part have been good, but as time goes on and I am receiving the same type of products over and over I am less enthralled with them all together. Do you feel the same? Am I being too harsh? Let me have it, or let them have it! Tell me your honest feelings in the comments below. And, if you want to try Ipsy Glam Bag for yourself feel free to use my referral links through this post, I would not turn away a free glam bag from referrals, even if I get more mascara as I will just pass it on to my readers. 

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