Happiness Is … Time in the Country

I love trees, nature, leaves, grass, trails, streams, and all that stuff and anytime I have time, or make time, to get out into nature is the best time to me. Not more than a mile from my home is a wonderful park and nature trail, which I do not get out to enough! Today my daughter and I decided to go and we took a walk along the trail.

Here are some photos of our adventure:

Happiness Is ... Time in the Country
Natures Beauty! I Love It! 

Happiness Is ... Time in the Country
Mushrooms, and WILSON! 
Okay so let me explain Wilson lol … we found the tennis ball on the ground as we were walking back to our car. Of course I had to say “I found Wilson” although he had shrunk into a tennis ball. For reference, Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie, Castaway. Anyway I apologize for my silly sense of humor. We put him up on the sign (photo bottom left) so maybe his owner can find him, which made him look even more like the “Wilson” on castaway. 

Anyway … today, for me, Happiness Is … The beauty of nature, and of course, finding Wilson! 

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