Happiness Is … My Elder Cat

I love all my pets dearly, even though they drive me crazy. I would never pick favorites but this little guy has been with our family since my kids were tiny! We got him as a tiny little fluff ball kitten. We also got his brother who was skinny, and ornery, and followed around by this guy! 

This is Vino, our eldest cat, going on fourteen years old.


The reason I have not mentioned his brother, Ale, as an elder as well, is due to that Ale passed away many years ago sadly. Ale used to be “my” cat, meaning he choose me to sleep with, to hang around with, to claim. Since Ale’s passing Vino adopted me and we have been very close ever since. Vino won’t go to sleep at night unless I sing to him the Soft Kitty song from the show the big bang theory. I started this by singing it to him a few nights in a row because the song got stuck in my head, after that, he refused to lay down and get cozy unless I did it. Yes I allow my pets to train me. 

I would love to hear about your furkids (pets) in the comments below! 

So today, for me, Happiness Is … my lovely Vino, basking in the sun. 

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