Happiness Is … Harvey Prince

I was the very lucky giveaway winner in a drawing over at Coffee For Mom. In fact she has another awesome giveaway (link disabled – giveaway over) going on right now that I just entered myself! Go enter for a chance to win a Capresso Iced Tea Maker!

Anyway back to my happiness … My prize was from Harvey Prince and what a surprise it was to open up! A box filled with goodies!

Happiness Is ...
Vivid Bright Pretties! 

The pop of colors in this prize was so joyful! I am also impressed with the products! I will need to review them for you soon. So far I have used the exfoliating shower gel and body cream and love them!

I love entering drawings, it is something I can do to pass the time, call it a hobby if you want, but I have won about five drawings in the last few months, granted that involves entering hundreds of them and if you check out my giveaways page you can find my drawings as well as links to a couple hundred others!

I hope you win a drawing soon!

Today, for me, Happiness Is … this colorful prize from Coffee For Mom.

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