Happiness Is … Goldfish

When we moved into our new home this past summer we adopted along with the new place eleven goldfish! In our backyard was a little prefabricated pond which you have probably seen in other posts I have made. Well, today it was time to bring the little guys in and take the pond down for winter. 

 Fashion Beyond Forty
For the Love of Fish

You can see on the left top side of the photo me posing next to the pond which was used in another blog post awhile back. To the right top side is after we took it out so it won’t freeze this winter and covered the hole with boards. Below are the happy little fish in their new home having their first meal in their new tank. We bought a large tall tank and it has taken residence on my buffet table. We were also able to retain one plant from the pond as well. We are in the process of naming our friends so by next summer they will all have names based on their personalities and colors. 

So far the white fish is Rosie, one of the white and gold colored fish (right in the middle of the photo of the tank) is named Stripe, because he has a white stripe on one side of his body, and we are considering Tiny for the giant gold fish. We still need to get them some decor and toys. 

It is nice having fish back in the house after the passing of our beloved Marvin

So today, for me, Happiness Is … the love of goldfish! 

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