Happiness Is … Estate Sale Finds

While I love second hand stores and vintage shops I do not have a habit of going to Estate Sales. They just are not things I have gotten into but when my daughter tells me there is one literally within walking distance of our home, I was down to go! 
My daughter found a lovely tin for keepsakes, a vintage inspired painting in a lovely vintage frame, and I found this huge scarf! It is literally 6 feet from end to end, has several patterns all sewn together down the middle so that you can have several different looks. Its difficult to explain and I have never seen a scarf like it. I tried to show all the patterns in the photo but it was difficult to do hanging from  magnet hook on my fridge. There is a white, black, leopard, and even a pretty lacy pearl print layer. 
I also grabbed a leather multi color, brown, tan, and dark green belt but I totally forgot to take a photo of it before I made my collage here. 
 Fashion Beyond Forty
Every item we purchased was 2.00 each. This was a four level home, and the items for sale went on for what seemed like forever. Thankfully, this sale was not due to someone passing away but older people moving into a retirement community.
My daughter and I had a good time, it was nice to do something different, especially so close to home! 
So today, for me, Happiness Is … Estate Sale Finds! 

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