Happiness Is … A Cup of Oolong

Some of you may already know that I used to be a tea reviewer. Technically, I still am, I just rarely go to the site I reviewed on, and I broke off from a blog I reviewed on due to professional reasons. Regardless, I absolutely love tea, loose leaf tea specifically. Loose leaf allows the tea to blossom the way it should to release its full flavor and there is just something so beautiful about watching the leaves expand as they steep. 

In the photo you will see what two teaspoons of loose leaf tea blooms into. You will also see a full leaf that has uncurled. I am sipping oolong tonight, one of my favorite types of tea which has a nutty, bold flavor, that has a slight mint tingle to it on the tongue, and a light astringency. 

If you would like to learn all about tea click the photo to go to Steepster today! 

Not all tea is created equal and I admit I am a tea snob, but tea for me is not just something to drink, it is something to savor, and to relax with. It is lovely to smell, to sip, and to look at, for me a discovery. 

So for me, today, Happiness Is … a cup of Oolong. 

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