Happiness Is … Cotton Candy

If I have one sweet treat that I go crazy over it is cotton candy. Anytime I go somewhere that sells it, which is rare, but anytime that I do, I have to get some even though it is always priced way too high. 

Happiness Is ... Cotton Candy
Sexy Aren’t I? Haha! 

I do not buy cotton candy often, because it is nothing but pure sugar and as a diabetic it is essentially death to me but hey sometimes a person just has to live a little! I take extra insulin and never eat it when my blood sugars have been doing poorly. 

Today I indulged. I love this stuff and I grabbed this at the Dollar Tree so you can’t beat the price! 

My daughter snapped this photo of me pigging out. 

Hey the good thing is, cotton candy is fat free! Can you believe that? 

I am not sure where I developed my love for cotton candy, I don’t recall any special moments as a child enjoying it because as a child I rarely, if ever had sweet treats. Back then there was not as much research on diabetes nor did we have the blood sugar monitoring we do today, so eating sweets was a definite no no. Maybe the reason I love it so much now, other than it tasting amazing, is because now days I can cheat a little, and keep track of blood sugars and take insulin much easier. 

So for me, today, Happiness Is … Cotton Candy! 

What is your secret indulgence? Please feel free to share below, no guilt or shame here! 

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