Happiness Is … Cherished Toys, Cherished Memories

So we are still in the process of organizing since our move, and we are rifling through the keep items, the sell items, and the giveaway items. Coming across keepsakes is a good feeling though. I am not one to keep every single toy my kids ever had, but I do want to keep a few of them because I want them to have something to remember their youth by, and perhaps something to pass on to their own kids in the future. Some items I kept are for handing down, while others perhaps won’t be what their kids would want, or what would be safe to pass down, but you have to decide what means the most to you, and to them. 

Here are a few of the items I have come across that are keepers:

Happiness Is ... Cherished Toys, Cherished Memories

My daughter’s Doll House (pictured) as well as all of her Polly Pockets and accessories for both. Some of her favorite toys going up and easily good items to pass down, or even get out and play with when she is older! I know I am tempted! 

My son’s bicycle. What young boy does not have a love affair with his bike? My son would build ramps to scare the heck out of me with and ride his bike over them all of the time! 

Then there is this firetruck which was more of an outside toy and did not get as much use, but it was a “found” item when we moved into a house we rented years ago. This firetruck was in the old beat up shed, and I always wondered how old it was. I am keeping ahold of this just in case! It’s Tonka which I remember playing with when I was a kid, back when they were made from metal! This is also metal so it has to be a bit older as now days they are all made of plastic aren’t they? Someone with younger kids needs to inform me. 

So today, for me, Happiness Is … finding cherished toys and cherished memories. 

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