Happiness Is … A Big Beautiful Moon

I absolutely love the night time, and I love looking at the moon. We have a telescope that we should use more than we do. I just like looking up at the night sky, even without seeing things up close, the mysteries of the universe are so mesmerizing. My husband knows how much I love a good moon glow, so he took a photo for me while driving to work the other night (don’t worry he pulled over), and sent it to me. This is the image he captured, no editing other than adding my blog logo, and a frame around the photo. 
 Fashion Beyond Forty

Doesn’t it look like a painting! It is so amazing. I am thankful we live out of the city where I can go outside and look up at the night sky without city lights blocking the beautiful view. Not that I don’t love the city, I do, but for living I think I will stay where the night sky is larger than life and I can see the moon and stars shining clearly.
For me, Happiness Is … a big beautiful moon! 
Are you a day person or a night person? I love a sunrise when I can catch one, which do you prefer? Talk to me about this in the comments if you would like. 

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