Happiness Is … Backup Slippers

So last year I bit the bullet and bought myself a pair of really nice slippers. I paid more for these slippers than I had ever paid for a pair of shoes of any type. Reason being, I wanted a pair that would last forever, be extra comfy, and have good support. I also wanted a pair I could go out to get the mail wearing even in inclement weather. That being said, I got myself a pair of Ugg’s from Victoria’s Secret, on sale, but still costly. They are still in excellent condition as far as everything goes but some stitching which began to come out. Happy I am not considering what I paid but everything else has held up well, although the stitching has begun to come out in under a year’s time. I took them to a shoe repair shop and will have to pay fifteen dollars to have them fixed, so in the mean time, I am happy that I kept the slippers I had previously to the expensive ones. 

They are anything but expensive, in fact I don’t think I paid over 10.00 for them. They are not that comfy, and they have no support, and the bottoms are not good for going out to get the mail, but I am thankful I still have them, and didn’t toss or donate them as my family likes our house to be a refrigerator, and I am always cold. Even though they are not that special, they are certainly special to me right now, so today, Happiness Is … Old cheap slippers. 
Have you ever been happy you held onto something you normally would have tossed out or donated? Please tell me about it in the comments if so! 

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