Halloween Hair Ideas

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Thanks to our friends at Madison Reed – here are some great ideas and helpful tips for Halloween Hair Styles! I just love Madison Reed! They are always coming up with things to let us in on that are helpful. Also they have offered us this:  

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Yay! Thanks again Madison Reed! 

So here is their article on Halloween Hair Styles: 

Hair Tutorial: Halloween Hairstyle Fun
(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links)
This year, top off your Halloween costume with fun yet easy hairstyles courtesy of Madison Reed

Halloween Hair Ideas

  • Add mousse to damp hair and blowout (use volumizing blowout tutorial below).
  • Back tease the top back sections of your hair to get that slight bouffant look
  • Smooth and spray hair, then add a headband to finish off the look
Halloween Hair Ideas
Now a style that can even work even for shorter hair:
  • Create a deep side part in your hair
  • Gather hair up in the back to create a top pony
  • Curl hair in the pony under to create a faux bun
  • Pin and spray as needed to keep the curls in place
Halloween Hair Ideas
  • Curl all your hair in tight curls
  • Use small tupperware container and hot glue some wig hair on it to create a base to place on top of your head
  • Backcomb hair and pin locks to the base.
  • Pin in lengths of dyed wig hair for color, or color individual locks of your own hair
Halloween Hair Ideas
  • Gather hair up into a top side pony
  • Do a quick back comb to bangs to get them to stay to one side
  • Use hair chalk or pink and blue hair spray to add color to the bangs
Thanks to the team at Madison Reed for providing the images and the step-by-step instructions for these hairstyles.
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