Hair Emergencies Solved: Haircut with Too Many Layers

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Hey Ladies more great help and advice from our friends at Madison Reed! Don’t you just love these wonderful ladies for always keeping us informed! I sure do! My hair is going through a metamorphosis right now and I am being patient but I can’t wait for it to grow out some, so I can have it restyled! Here is Madison Reed’s advice on how to deal with a hair emergency … Oh and they also have given us another coupon code! 

Hair Emergency Too Many Layers

It has happened to the best of us, a haircut gone ever so slightly wrong – one where you end up with too many layers! Thanks to a few tips from our friends at Madison Reed this hair emergency can be solved.

The Emergency: Your hair has more layers than a wedding cake.

How You May Have Gotten Here: You told your stylist that you wanted to add a few face framing pieces and you ended up with the Jennifer Aniston “Rachel” haircut circa 1994.

Solution 1

  • Ponytail it. Slip into an effortless messy bun. Twirl it into an elegant French twist.
  • Pull back the hair that surrounds your face with a head band.
  • This is the perfect time to play around with styles until you find something you like.

Solution 2

  • Curl it.
  • Curls are very forgiving when your hair is at different lengths.
  • Styling the hair with curls can mask the unevenness of the cut.
Solution 3
  • Go to a different stylist and ask them to blend the layers together.
Tips for Prevention: When going to your stylist, have a clear plan in mind. Pictures are a great way to show what you want. Be perfectly clear about how you feel about loosing length and ask your stylist to show you exactly how much they plan on taking off.
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