Gwynnie Bee Review

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This is my second Gwynnie Bee Review. You can also read my first review of Gwynnie Bee to learn more about their service, how to sign up, and what you get. In short, however, Gwynnie Bee. is a subscription service for rental clothing, which you can also purchase if you desire. The service is for size 10 to size 32.

Here is my most recent item from Gwynnie Bee:


Gwynnie Bee Review
Ombred Angles Top

Member price: $48.28
Silk-blend top with scoop neck and half sleeves, allover geo print with ombre gradient.
Poppy yellow gradients complete this easy-wearing top. Silk / Rayon By Nic + Zoe

Here are my personal photos of me wearing it:


Gwynnie Bee Review
Ombred Angles is a cute easy-wearing top that flows nicely. I feel I could have sized down one size but it is a nice top that I would consider buying as I feel the price is fair. The only issue I have is that it does seem a little faded, but that is to be expected in rental clothing. I have to keep reminding myself that the main goal of Gwynnie Bee is to keep your wardrobe always changing, transitioning, and revolving so you always have something new to wear. Since I work from home and do not feel pressure to have a revolving wardrobe, I don’t want to have super high expectations of clothing looking brand spanking new. While I still get dressed every day and want to look my best, I do not have to worry about being seen in the same clothes every day, however, this is something I would love if I did work out of the home. I have a large enough wardrobe as is to wear something different every time I do actually leave the house, which is only a few times per week at most. So all in all to rent clothing so far I have been pleased with not just the styles offered at Gwynnie Bee but also the quality. This top had no snags, rips, stains, tears, etc and could be worn well out and about, I just personally feel since I am more into purchasing than renting, that I would want it brand new off the rack IF I were to buy it.
I will admit, however, if my budget was open enough right now I just may buy this top as I love the color mixture, the pattern, and I need some yellow in my wardrobe. I also love tops that have a different pattern on the back than the front. It’s in style right now and I also feel the colors can mix well with jeans, black pants, or it could be worked into a more spring or summer look as well with some bright pants. It is versatile and that is something I appreciate having in my clothing collection.
So, Gwynnie Bee still gets an A+ from me – I can’t wait to show you my third item I have waiting for me to try on! Watch for that to come in a review soon, maybe even tomorrow if I can get photos taken and uploaded fast enough!

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