Birchbox Men’s October 2014 Review

October’s Men’s Birchbox theme is Fanfare celebrating all things football, or whatever a man may be a fan of. The box is really cool looking like a football itself. 
October’s Fanfare Box
Inside this month my husband got some interesting goods. We had seen a sneak peek and were hoping not to get the W&P Mason Stones, value 17.00 which are to be kept in the freezer then used in place of ice cubes in a drink. We have had some before and honestly we never really used them. They would be excellent in a glass of whiskey, or something “on the rocks” as they do not melt like ice cubes, but my husband does not drink straight liquor and they get lost in colorful mixed drinks. Either way, these will be given as a gift or used in a giveaway on my blog. 
Even though that was a bit of a disappointment we were not disappointed in the Olo’s All Natural Chipolte Paste! Value 6.99 it is totally worth it – we can do so many things with this paste, from mixing with mayo to using on grilling meats. Love this! Honestly I was surprised to see that he got both the Mason Rocks and the Paste, although the guys always get a full sized or “premium” item, some men getting a tee shirt this month, I was surprised my husband got two premiums! Yay! 
October’s Fanfare Box

Another item was a sample from Atelier Cologne – Santal Carmin Absolute. I have tried several of their women’s perfumes in the past and they are alright but lack staying power. My husband overall liked the earthy, woodsy, scent and reported it even had some green notes to it, but it was not something he would purchase. Full Sized Value $195 – $265 we find that way overpriced even for an all natural cologne considering it has a strange alcohol like lingering aroma. 

Baxter of California’s Super Close Shave Lotion was also pretty good, no scent however and my husband likes a scent, also no tingly sensation but did the job. Full Size Retail 18.00
My husband did like the Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt Everything Body Wash from Das Boom. I liked the scent too! Very manly for sure, and fitting for the Fanfare Box this month. Retail Full Size 24.00
Lastly he got a sample of Just Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer Full Size Retail 15.00 – not a favorite, he has received so many samples of this over the past year and has tried this brand many times. Its not bad, not at all, just nothing he has ever asked me to order for him once the sample was gone, and he does ask for the things he really likes. 
We thought it was a fun box, even if not fully successful, my husband did enjoy a few things but I think the Chipotle paste made it for him, had that item not been in the box the other items may have been more of a disappointment. 
Either way, as I say in all of my Birchbox Reviews … even if you do not care for the samples you get, the points system makes it worth it. It’s always good to try new things, or have extra goodies for friends and family laying around as everyone loves a goodie bag, or care package. What my husband does not like my son may love. Either way the points add up fast and you can go grab something you really love, sometimes for free with your points. 
If you want to get in on the goodies for your man, or yourself you can check it out at the Birchbox site.
Note: This post contains some referral links although I pay for my own boxes from this site. 

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