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Try The World is my favorite new box! I know, its not fashion or beauty related but it is lovely, and gives a feeling of escaping to another world for a while. If you use my coupon code FASHIONBEY40 and get 30% off your first box! 
Each month a new box is curated delivering wonderful flavors from across the globe. The first month was Paris, next month is Japan! I am so excited for my next box. I really can’t describe just how perfectly curated and packaged each box is. The Paris box came in a tiffany blue sturdy box. Seriously this box is so sturdy my husband wanted to use it to keep small tools, screws, and such in! He wanted to take my pretty tiffany blue box and put it in his workshop! No way! I took it and hid it in my closet! I will find a use for it such as storing beautiful scarves, or some precious trinkets. Even the box the blue box comes in is amazing. It folds open and had a lovely print on the inside.

 Try the World

Try The World Box and Inserts
Your shipment will also come with a very nice book that takes you on a tour through Paris, It is a culture guide that welcomes you and goes into aspects from music of Paris, both classics and traditional, movies, poetry, one poem even written in french! It shoes the popular places to visit, where to eat, and my favorite, how to make crepes! I love crepes! 
Then we have the two sided insert card which tells you about each product in your box. The card is very descriptive, and shows a icon for each item so you now what you are reading about. 
The photos below show each item in the box. 
 Try the World
Try the World Box Contents – Paris Box
I will just give a list of items as I like to keep some elements of a box a surprise for new subscribers so I won’t go into the detailed descriptions. 
  1. Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread
  2. Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel (a course ground sea salt)
  3. Salted Butter Caramels
  4. Le Palais Des Thes Fine Teas
  5. Bonne Maman Fig Preserves
  6. Chabert & Guillot Nougat
  7. Les Confitures A Lancienne Hot Chocolate Powder
  8. Domaine Des Vignes Dijon Mustard
  9. La Mere Poulard Sables (butter cookies)

I want to say first of all the Fig Preserves is delicious, just divine! The Butter Caramels, I could eat them all in one sitting but I have forced myself not to. These are not like the caramels you are used. They have far less sugar, but still sweet and yummy. I am addicted to them now. The Chestnut Spread is truly a treat, it has no carbs in it and is very natural. I absolutely love dijon mustard and can’t wait to try this mustard from paris. I had some of the fig preserves on the butter cookies, it was a melt in your mouth delight! The tea, as a former tea blogger is right up my alley and I do in fact have this brand in my tea stash already but I did not have these particular flavors! You get three tea bags, and while I am more a fan of loose leaf teas the bags allow enough room for the tea to blossom in the bag which is key to a great brew. Each bag is a different flavor for you to enjoy. Be sure never to use boiling water on green teas or you will burn the tea making it bitter, and never over steep. When your tea is bitter it is due to brewing incorrectly, not due to bad tea. I enjoyed the nougat although I have only had one of them so far and I believe they sent me two different kinds. The hot chocolate powder is one we have tried before, although I can’t recall where we got it, but it is in my opinion better than the hot chocolate you get in the states, probably not something the kids would enjoy as much though. Hey, this box is for you anyway, not the kids! You deserve this treat! 
Here is my breakfast using Try the World Chestnut Spread and Le Palais Des Thes fine tea.
So what does it cost to Try The World? 
 Try The World
Above you will see three options. I chose the Bi-Monthly option in the middle which is highlighted. If I could afford it I would totally go for the one year subscription because to me this box is worth it. Not just due to the items you receive, or the perfect curation overall, let alone the absolutely amazing packaging, I mean come on this box is perfect from beginning to end. This company has got it right when it comes to appealing to the consumer. A lot of boxes start off a little rough and either get better, or fail to succeed but I just can’t see this company not succeeding with how well they have started out. No one likes to be test subjects to a fledgeling company trying to figure things out. I feel the price is more than fair for a box that already has it all. Its not just good food, or pretty packaging, but a sensory, and culturally experience. I love getting information on popular movies and music from both the past and present, it allows me to fully indulge in the experience, even finding some movies or tunes to enjoy while munching my way through the delicacies. 
Also I figure if I can get one referral to this box every two months with my 30% off that makes my box only 31.50 every two months. That isn’t bad at all in comparison to some other subscription services. 
My insert card indicates that my next box will be from Japan and on the Try the World website I grabbed a few photos of what Tokyo may have to offer: 
 Try the World
From Try The World Site

 Try The World
From Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 

 Try the World
From Unknown Source (web search)
I love how each box can be slightly different even though from the same country. I noticed the box that Ramblings of a Suburban Mom got included origami paper! What fun! 
While I love my beauty and fashion boxes, sometimes something different is what it takes to make one slow down, appreciate the simple pleasures in life. This box has done that for me and I can’t wait for my next box. 
If you want to indulge give Try the World a try and be sure to use FASHIONBEY40 in the coupon code section at check out to get the same amazing deal I did! 

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