Treaded Canvas Review

Threaded Canvas is a 20.00 a month subscription service that highlights some of todays, up and coming artists in the form of tee shirts. There are options that could make your monthly fee a little higher but the base price is 20.00 which includes three tee shirts with artistic graphic designs, and an array of other goodies including an art print of one of the featured artists for the month. You can also elect for a one time box as well. 


I ordered the subscription for my son because everyone in our house receives some type of sub box with the exception of my son and I felt bad he was not getting goodies like the rest of us. I saw this box and could not resist as it is right up his alley! 

 Threaded Canvas
Threaded Canvas September 2014

One of the options you can select from when ordering your subscription at Threaded Canvas is the style and fit of your tees. I elected to pay a little more to get fashion fit which is less baggy as the standard fitting tee. Overall a slimmer more shaped fit. You don’t just get the tees though, even though 20.00 for three graphic tees is a great price, you also get an art print, a post card with an art print, a button, a sticker, and a piece of candy. My son loved the little extras. 

Overall we were both thrilled with the box and the low monthly fee! 

Threaded Canvas also has daily deals that you can shop to get a tee for an extra 10.00 or you can always just order them at any time. 

I love how Threaded Canvas is helping upcoming artists get their start and have even suggested this site to an artist friend of mine, maybe we will see her art on some tees in the near future! I sure hope so. 

Currently there is a coupon code you can use, just enter Threaded10 at check out for 10% off first purchase! 

Note: Affiliate Links are placed in this article, however I did not receive any free products to write this article, all products were paid for by me. 

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