Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish Review

I recently had the opportunity to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel thanks to my Ipsy Subscription. I have had my nails done with Gel professionally at a salon about a year ago and it was alright but not something I wanted to pay for on a continual basis. When I got these in my Ipsy bag this month I was excited to give them a try.
I generally have to polish my nails about two to three times per week so something that lasts longer certainly peeked my curiosity.
To apply the at home Miracle Gel you simply paint your nails (two coats) with the polish and then coat with the Miracle Gel top coat. Skipping the top coat or using a regular top coat will not give you the same lasting results.
I am very tough on my nails, as I have mentioned in other posts, I wash dishes by hand two or three times per day, I garden, help my husband with woodworking, and have pets that I play with just to give you a base idea. Plus the way that I type is tough on my nails as well which is why growing them out longer is difficult. 
I am super happy with the results using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! The color they sent me is called Pretty Piggy if you want to get the same color but there is a rainbow of colors to choose from.  My color has already outlasted regular nail polish and is still looking perfect! Generally I use a sticky coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat when using regular nail polish, so this is less work, and longer staying time. In addition, my nails feel very strong, sturdy, and healthy. I have a lot of bend in my nails due to that they are paper thin, but with the Miracle Gel I actually feel as if my nails could have a chance to become healthier. 
Here are some photos I took my nails shortly after polishing. 

Granted I am no pro at nail care or polishing but I am very happy with the results. The shine is incredible isn’t it!

So a big thumbs up to Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! Look for it at Walmart, Target, Ebay, and other discount shops.

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