Pressure to Look Perfect

There is a lot of pressure on women to look their best, even if they are not feeling their best. We all struggle with deadlines, appointments, schedules, not just our own but everyone else’s too! We juggle jobs, kids, spouses, pets, responsibilities and so on. Looking fashionable, stylish, sometimes even put together at all is a struggle. 

Sometimes I don’t even have a minute in the day to do my hair, and sometimes I have to decide if I will spend more time on my makeup, or my clothes, or my hair, or if I get time for any of it at all. 

Granted I write a fashion blog, but I also write for the real woman, not women who have stylists, or who spend hours at the spa. I write for women who need to look their best, but also need to feel great about themselves when they do not. 

The fact is, whatever you have zeroed in on that is not looking perfect today, is probably only noticeable to you and you alone! 

Sure it is perfectly okay to know we need to work on something, be that our abs, our shoe wardrobe, or tossing out old make up that has probably taken on a life of its own. Whatever you are slacking on, don’t allow it to define everything about you, and just enjoy what you have perfected thus far! 

Today my hair would not do a thing I wanted it to do. I am in a transitional phase with my hair, style and color, but you know what … I don’t care. I am going to own it and let it do what it needs to do until it has worked through this phase and I can do what I am working toward with it. 

What I am happy with right now is that even on a bad day I have my wardrobe collection to a point that even in the dark, as my husband who is on night shift sleeps, I can fumble around and find something that is cohesive. 

I think it is important to give ourselves credit where credit is due. Your personal achievement may be that you are sticking to a work out schedule, eating healthier, or taking better care of your cuticles and nails. 

Feeling beautiful, feeling good about ourselves is far more important than what we wear, or how large our makeup collection has become. Feeling that way involves self acceptance, acceptance of ourselves flaws and all! 

Sure we want to continually work toward improving ourselves in whatever aspect of our lives we desire, and it is not a bad thing in and of itself to acknowledge what we can use improvement on, but putting ourselves down should not be on the list of permissible things we do. 

Beauty truly does come from within, and the more we acknowledge ourselves for our positive traits the more we will shine on the outside. 

Instead of saying “I am fat” try saying “I am working toward a weight loss goal, but I sure have improved my work out routine!” Turn your statements to a more positive tone, and in addition end your statements with something empowering rather than dismissive toward yourself. The things we say are reflections of the way we think, and the things we think we manifest! So retrain your brain to rid yourself of negative mental clutter and instead manifest positive thought process. 

Love yourself ladies! 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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