My ThredUp Experience as a Seller

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So I had a lot of clothing laying around and while I generally donate most clothing, selling or trading a few items here or there, I wanted to see what TheadUp had to offer. I was curious to see how the process worked, and what I might earn from my name brand items. I didn’t have super high hopes because I had heard they are very selective and they even let you know that on their website and in the information packet they send with your closet clean out bag. You can find more out about the whole process of Closet Clean Out in another post I wrote.

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the long run. I sent items that I used their system, on their site, to pre-screen and while it showed I would not get a heap load for the items, it did show I would get something, or at least that they were accepting those items, those brands. Needless to say there are items that I pre-screened that were not accepted. The pre-screening system is called “clothing calculator”. 

As you can see a pair of Naughty Monkey women’s shoes will pay out anywhere from .45 to 10.00 which is a pretty wide spread, the top price still not being a lot but for what they retail it’s not too bad, for used, as long as you get top payout. For new however, its just not enough. Again I prefer to donate to someone in need over getting 10.00 out of them, and it is not likely you will get ten. 

It is not the end of the world, but I only ended up getting 10.40 in credit for five of my items that they accepted, and the majority of my items they turned away, I sent in around 15 items. Two items were name brand shoes, one pair they accepted, one they did not, both were pre-screened, both band new.

I also sent some used items that they ended up keeping and to be honest, I was surprised at a couple of those items. I did not expect them to get selected, but threw them in just to see.

I also want to add that seeing what they listed my items for on their website I feel what they offered to pay me is fair, I just would have priced a couple of those items a bit higher, especially the Lucky Brand denim shorts that had never been worn out the house. At least they are not simply offering me pennies and reselling for sky high. 

Also there is a consignment versus upfront price they offer us, as the seller, and that totally confuses me. I have read about it on their site, but either my brain just can’t absorb such information, which is generally true when any form of math is involved, or they have written it so confusing that no one could follow it. 

There is one other thing on their site I find confusing:

Clothing that shows any signs of wear

any clothing with rips, tears, stains, pilling, fading, shrinkage, etc., will not be accepted or paid for

The reason this confuses me is often on their website I find items listed for sale that are noted to have slight fading, or pilling. So I do not understand how they have them to sell if they do not accept them. In fact the jeans I just purchased using my credit had slight fading.

The upside is that TheadUp does say they donate any clothing they do not accept so at the end of the day at least the clothes are going somewhere, to someone in need. 

So really their system is pretty unpredictable even with pre-screening. Now with all that said, I am not totally unhappy as I turned around and used those credits to get a very nice pair of Free People Boyfriend Jeans, used yes, but in good condition. Normally new these jeans would cost around 100.00 and I got them for 22.49 – with my credit I ended up paying only 15.08 after shipping and handling.

Okay granted I could have just spent 22.40 on them and still got an amazing deal but I probably wouldn’t. I am always more prone to buy something online when I have some kind of a discount, even if I bought my discount with my own trade in items. How messed up is that?

Anyway I don’t know if I will try the Clean Out again or not. I am sure others have had better, and worse experiences, and as I said, I’m not upset or angry about the process. It was cool to be able to get a bag in the mail, load it up, give it to my mail carrier, and be rid of it all. Especially after moving into a new place and needing to unload a lot of extra stuff. I will still enjoy trading high end items, in my Facebook Trade Group, which all of my readers are welcome to join, but maybe the clean out bag is not that bad of an idea since what they do not keep goes to charity anyway. I have a clean out bag on the way with the jeans I ordered, so we will see.

Now as for buying used clothing I do enjoy ThredUp so by all means check them out. Perhaps your experience will be different from mine. Have you sold to ThreadUp before? I would love to hear about your experience, please comment below.

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