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My readers know I adore Madison Reed products! You also know I personally use them myself. In other blog posts I have even put Madison Reed Products up against some of the best products available and still, Madison Reed won my heart! 
In this article, we get to know Madison Reed a little deeper, and we can see the passion behind the product and the care for the consumer. I wanted to share it with all of you. 

Madison Reed Better for You

When we started Madison Reed, we defined our ‘reason for being’ as wanting to deliver superior hair care products that are healthier for you, give you the empowerment to use them yourself at home and to give back to make the world a better place. We have a mission – one that we take very seriously – to empower people to feel their best inside and out. We wanted to make “personal care” more personal.
We set out to create a product, brand and experience that is Better for You in every sense of the phrase; to set a higher standard for the integrity of hair care products, unprecedented in the industry.
Why Madison Reed Is Better For YouBetter for You means scaling back the harsh ingredients in hair color, and replacing them with gentler, more natural alternatives without sacrificing quality. Today, we’ve taken the next step in our journey to craft healthier hair care products by introducing a new color formula for all of our shades that are free of PPD, resorcinol, ammonia, added parabens, ethanol alcohol and gluten.
Better for You means listening to what you, our customers, have to say. We heard the colors you wanted, and the chemicals you didn’t; we packaged this up into a simple kit designed exactly how you requested. Today, we’ve introduced five new shades to round out the Blonde category, including the most requested color of all: strawberry blonde.
Better for You means doing the right thing, for the right reason. We’re not delivering on our promise as a company if our customers aren’t delighted with the service, if our products aren’t constantly being enhanced, if our community isn’t being nurtured and if we’re not having fun and celebrating along the way.
Today, we’re excited to have taken another big step forward in delivering on what we’ve set out to do. And we’re just getting started.
CEO, Madison Reed

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