Ipsy September Review 2014

Ipsy’s September bag is inspired by Street Style, which is awesome for me because this whole month I have been working on a few “edgy” looks for Fall and Winter. Curated by Michelle Phan this month’s Ipsy bag nails that edgy, smart, and chic look. 

I have done other reviews on Ipsy so if you need more detail on what it is, and what it costs, (hint: 10.00 a month) check out the previous reviews for that info. 

I am pretty amped about this box if for nothing else the Gel nail polish! I have recently started to keep up very well on my nail care and it will be a blast trying out this Gel polish! I had my nails done at a beauty school with gel nail polish and it lasted a long time and I loved it. I am hard on my nails, I have to repolish several times a week so I am excited to see if this lasts longer. I like the color too! My husband always reaches for pinks and purples when he picks out my polish for me so I am sure he will like this color too. 

I currently do not have any hair masks so the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! mask is a good item for me to get. The smell is clean, fresh and slightly floral, I like it. I will use it tonight. 
I really didn’t need another brown eyeliner, browns to me in subscription bags are like getting black, just another regular makeup item. I like fun, bold, risky colors that I may not buy on my own but in this case it is a new to be brand, Pacifica, which I hear good things about, so I am eager to try this as well. Very pretty pencil labeling too, and my best friend lives in Pacifica, California, so that is pretty cool. 
Cailyn is another new to be brand, and this lip color goes on like a gloss but has a look and feel like a lipstick. The color is a lovely nude-pink, even though in the photo it looks rather apricot, very neutral, and should go with a lot of looks. I do like this a lot! 
Last we have Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder which I have also heard a lot of good things about. It helps to minimize fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. It gets rave reviews from others so I can’t wait to try it myself. 
I think the only “issue” with my shipment this month was the bag itself. Its such a cute bag and I think my favorite so far from Ipsy but it had some minor flaws on it. 
Up top close to the studs you can see impression marks. I am hoping they go away with time and are not permanent as they are more obvious in person than in the photo. 
And in the spirit of this tough city girl street style look here I am attempting my tough girl face:
Okay maybe I look like I have gas lol either way that was my effort. Maybe I’m just not a city girl after all. 
If you like the items you see here give them a try

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