I’m a Baublehead!

It’s official, I am in love with Baublebar! I seriously can’t get enough of this site! When I was younger I used to love to wear big statement jewelry but back then it was not popular! The time for those sorts of things had come and gone, but I was not wanting to let go! Now, here we are and statement pieces are all the rage again and I could not be happier. I still wore my big, fun, funky jewelry back then though, I have never been one not to wear what I want! 
So I made my first purchase on Baublebar and in doing so I got an amazing statement necklace for free, yes free! In addition I also picked up the “buried bauble” which I will explain about here in a bit. 
I want to take you through the excitement I was feeling so let’s begin with the opening of the box…
Oh already feeling girly, all pink inside and everything is wrapped up in tissue paper. 
Box set aside, whats inside
Oh hey, what’s this? Well thank you, I am feeling gorgeous today! And what? For me? A little gift! Thank you! Its a delicate little necklace for those days I am not feeling like going bold, and yes that does happen. Its tiny, and its not like POW but hey it was sure very nice to get an extra bonus that I was totally not expecting. Especially when I had already got a major freebie, plus the “buried bauble” which again, I will explain in a bit.
On the flip side of the free necklace is a card – when I opened it, it revealed …
Oh a way to win 100 bucks at Baublebar! Wow three winners chosen each MONTH! Okay I will take on that challenge. I posted this photo to Instagram, and Twitter, tagging #baublebar – wish me luck! 
Oh but did I just spoil the surprise? I hope not! This necklace I am wearing in the photo … that is the piece I got … for free! Can you believe it!? Here it is up close:
I have to admit I was so excited to get this review up that I didn’t even edit any of my photos but the items still look amazing! 
Here is another photo of this free statement necklace:
This item is still up for grabs on their site at this time, but I have noticed that the free pieces you get to chose from when you make your first purchase can fluctuate. Usually you get to select from about five to seven pieces, and they are all lovely. I had a hard time choosing, so I went with something in gold, that I would not normally pick, because I need to broaden my horizons! I am glad I got this one – its amazing! 
Moving on to the item I actually purchased …
This beauty right here! I am just in love with this piece! Here is a closer photo of the detail:
I probably should have cropped these photos but the beauty of them speaks for itself. 
Oh and all of the items came in this nice velveteen bag:
This bag was super heavy with all the baubles in it! 
So as I was about to check out, I remembered that I had got an email from Baublebar. Something about a “buried bauble”. So I went to my email and searched that up and read about it. Basically each week Baublebar hides a specific necklace, or other jewelry piece on their site, that you can buy for only eighteen dollars! They give you a hint as to what the piece is and the idea is you are supposed to go find it on the website. In all honesty I just looked for items from low to high in price and found it easy. This is what it was:
It was offered in (if memory serves) five color combinations. I at first wanted a different color but I guess everyone else did too as it was sold out. I opted for this color. I think it was a good thing the other color was sold out for two reasons, 1. I need to stop being drawn to the same colors all of the time or I will have no variety, and 2. Everyone else is obviously going to be wearing the color I wanted, so now I can be a bit different. Here it is again closer up to show more detail:
As I said they change the buried bauble every week so this is something I will be paying attention to! 
Buried Bauble aside, the site has a handful of jewelry for only ten dollars as well if you are wanting to get a super great deal you should look for those! 
I kind of got sidetracked and jumped ahead of myself because I am so excited but I do want to show you something that made me chuckle. The jewelry all came bundled like this:
Each piece has a Yay sticker on it and the reason it made me chuckle is because that is exactly how I was feeling! In fact when the mailman got mauled by me and I saw one of my packages was from Baublebar the first thing I did was say “Yay!”Then to see these stickers just made me lol! 
Each piece comes with an inset telling you how to care for your baubles. 
Good common sense stuff, but I appreciate the reminder, and if you have not had jewelry like this before you may need this information! 
Here I am being goofy with my haul:
Baublebar you have wooed me, I am indeed coming back for more! 
This has been an epic week for me, finding not one, but two amazing places to get my beloved statement necklaces for very good deals! Check out Baublebar for yourself and leave me a comment telling me what you snagged! In the mean time …
Stay Stylish!

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