Herbtheory Stress and Sleep Herbal Supplement

So I do love herbal remedies, as long as they work, and a lot of herbal supplements make a lot of BS claims or are just poorly manufactured. Either way I do believe in herbal treatments, healing, etc because I have been into and studying herbs since I was very young. Also let’s face it, all of our medical knowledge and treatments today came from herbs as a core source. Nature is an amazing and wonderful thing! 

The reason I feel this review is fitting for a fashion and beauty blog is because so many of us are just run down in this society today, and often reaching for over the counter medication, or being prescribed medication to help calm us, help us relax, sleep etc, and sometimes we too often reach for a shot before bed, that glass of wine, etc. Which hey I am not against a good glass of Vino but when it becomes something we need to help us relax and sleep rather than something we savor and enjoy with a great meal then its not really healthy. The way we feel on the inside directly effects how we look on the outside, and stress as well as lack of sleep can really effect our we age, how we look, our skin, etc and so on. I know I look and feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. 

This Herbtheory Stress and Sleep Herbal Suppliment has all natural ingredients, is Vegan, GMO Free, and shows exactly what is in it on the label. I have seen supplements that do not and I wonder if that is even legal! 

Herbtheory does not claim that this is a sleep supplement and I like that, rather they claim that the ingredients will help calm and soothe, reducing our reaction to stress. Granted the product can not reduce the things that cause us stress in our lives, it can’t keep the in-laws from moving in, or the kids from driving us up a wall, but it can reduce our bodies reaction to such stimuli and I believe that it does! 

Here is what Herbtheory says about the product:

HERBTHEORYTM – Artfully improving health through science

HERBTHEORY is a condition-specific herbal supplement company that cares about clean, effective products to lead you on your path to better health.

Product: Stress & Sleep, Solution series
-Helps to reduce stress by inducing relaxation
-Helps with occasional sleeping difficulties

-This is NOT a Sleeping Aid, this product is more focused on tackling stress, thus making sleepless nights fewer. This product will not make you drowsy.
-This product is HERBAL, it takes time to build in the system. Please allow at least 7 days of continuous use for best results.

Vegan, Gluten-free, Wild-crafted herbs, Non-GMO Project Verified

 Generally I will wait a long time before reviewing a product of this nature because most things take time to build up in our systems but I can tell you I already am feeling the effects of the way I am reacting to stress indicators! Also I know this is odd to mention but you know how some supplements can give you an odd taste in your mouth or leave a residual taste making you belch or whatever, this does not, at least not for me, in fact the only “flavor” is only when you initial take them and it is rather pleasing, a slight but very slight mint flavor, and sort of a green tea flavor as well but it goes away quickly and does not linger, or come back if you get gassy later, due to whatever you may eat. It certainly does not cause any gassy effects on its own! 

I have in fact slept more restful already from using this product for only a few days! Maybe it is the placebo effect but if it is I will accept that because I like good sleep! Whatever the case may be, my sleep has not increased, nor have I been drowsy, but I have slept like a baby since starting it! 

Here is what I got when I opened the package:

It came with plenty of information on how it works, what it is, and how it effects the system, as well as a neat colorful fold out about other products they offer. 
I love it when science and nature work cohesively, just as intended! 

If you want to give it a try you can find it on their website

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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