Happiness Is … Getting Compliments

Yesterday I made a quick stop into Wet Seal for some five for twenty dollar tank tops. I love the deals at Wet Seal but due to them being a shop more for the younger woman I do not go there often, unless with my daughter. They do have some styles that work for me that I pick up when I go because the prices are so cheap but they are not items mean to last a lifetime in your wardrobe. I did pick up this tank, and this maxi skirt while I was there though! I got two Maxi skirts, and five tank tops for under thirty dollars, as the skirts were buy one for eight get the other for only four! Who can pass up that deal? Even if they don’t last for more than a couple seasons I still get my money’s worth! 
Anyway – this Happiness Is … is not about what I bought but about what happened while I was in the store. The cutest young girl who worked there, probably eighteen or nineteen, walked up to me with the biggest smile on her face and said “You are just so cute, so put together!” I smiled and of course thanked her! I will admit it felt very good to have a young woman, working in a shop that sells items that are trendy and fashionable, tell me, how good I looked. We talked for about a half hour about how she is trying to help her mother out of her rut, which I understood all too well! We talked about my blog, and where I got the items I was wearing, and we talked about empowerment for the “older” woman. The girl had a good head on her shoulders about how women my age start to reinvent themselves after raising kids, running errands, taking care of others, forgetting ourselves. She said the exact same thing happened to her mother. As we talked, other girls working there joined in on our conversation. I think they all got a good education that day on how to help women my age shop in their store, where to direct them, although the first girl I spoke with already had a good sense about it. 
I was also educated that younger people today are becoming more aware that women my age still like to shop in stores that have trendy, fun, sometimes funky items, and they are learning more and more how to accommodate our desires for fun things that still work at our age! 
So today, for me, Happiness Is … being complimented on my fashion sense, by a much younger woman. 

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