Happiness Is … The Farmer’s Market

I am not a morning person. I mean I don’t mind at all getting up and watching the sunrise, but I am not about to jump out of bed and head out the door early, especially not on a weekend. The “farmer’s market” around here is usually held in the middle of the city very early on Saturday mornings. That is not for me. Especially since I live out in a more rural area. Not totally rural, but on the outskirts of the suburbs.
Regardless, I don’t have to get up early on a weekend to enjoy the goods from a farmer’s market because less than two miles from my home is a market that is open every day! It is called Rees Fruit Farm. The cool thing is, I would go here as a child with my grandparents! For us back then it was quite a drive out there and an “event”. I loved getting apple cider and “old fashioned” hard candies. 
Here is Rees “back in the day”:
And here it is today:
I go down about once a month to grab applewood for my husband’s grilling and smoking. Of course I also grab other goodies. I usually pick up doggie treats but they were out today, poor doggies! I did get some delicious heirloom cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, lemon drops, because I loved them as a kid, apple cider, and Apple of My Ice Cream! The ice cream and cider are made right there at Rees. 
Rees also has jars upon jars of jellies, jams, chutney, spices, spreads and sauces! I could go crazy there but I kept to my plan and only got what I needed. Total cost under 22.00 even my mom was surprised at all I got for so little cash! Four pounds of tomato alone is quite pricy at a regular grocery store. The cost of apple cider is nothing to laugh at either. Regardless this is what I got:

Apple Wood

Visiting this market is always special because not only do I pick up some wonderful things but it reminds me of going there with my family when I was younger. 

So today for me, Happiness Is … a step back in time, at Rees.

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