Happiness Is … Garden Tomatoes

My husband and I love tomatoes. In fact I would fathom a guess that we eat a good ten pounds of tomatoes per week. Granted tomatoes are rather heavy, so that may not be as much as it sounds, but regardless we can really munch down on them! 
What we love even more are homegrown tomatoes! Every year we buy several varieties of tomato plants and fill a large section of our yard with them.
Sadly due to our move during growing season this year we were unable to plant any, however our very generous and tomato growing neighbors have welcomed us to snag tomatoes from their garden whenever we want! 

We have been careful not to over due it, and only make a trek to their garden a couple of times per month, but oh they are so good! I think the soil here in the new neighborhood will be very kind to us next year! 

This year, because we don’t want to be greedy, we are buying a lot more tomatoes at the store, and they are so expensive, especially when we can chow down a whole container of cherry or grape tomatoes in one evening in front of the television, usually within an hour or less! 

Our favorite kind at the store are the sunburst, which are very pale orangish yellow ball shaped tomatoes. 

Anyway – enough about my tomato addiction. 

For me, today, Happiness Is … Friendly Neighbors with Tomatoes! 

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