Happiness Is … Old Family Photos

I love going through old photos, but I came across some old photos in a rather interesting way. 

Recently I got a new phone. I switched from iPhone to an Andriod phone, a Samsung S5 to be exact. 

I believe due to setting up my Android phone though my Google email, which is how the guy at the AT&T store did it for me, that it somehow connected to anything and everything I ever had on my Google account. I have another blog, for my spirituality work, and at one time I did place these photos up on that blog. So looking through my photo gallery which is something that comes on the phone already installed, I saw the recent photos I had taken, a separate folder for that and another for instagram photos, another folder for downloaded photos, such as pictures sent by people via text, that I saved, etc and so on. So basically all of my photos in the gallery are already organized for me. Then I had 800 some photos in another folder called Picasa which I think is where photos uploaded to blogs on the blogger platform are stored. 
So, in that very large folder, as I was deleting photo upon photo, I came across these. These were tkan around 1973 or maybe 1974 when I was about four or five years old, perhaps. At the most I was six which would make it around 1975. Regardless, there I am, with my mother, at the park, in a field of dandelions, which by the way I love dandelions! I actually have a dandelion tattoo on my ankle! My daughter has one now as well – our mother daughter tattoos. I guess these photos explain part of why I love dandelions so much but another thing I adore about them is that they are so strong! Dandelions are like women,  in a lot of ways, we struggle, we sacrifice, we sometimes in our lives are cut down, or trampled on, disregarded, or disrespected, but we continue to grow, and we are beautiful each of us in our own ways! 

Happiness Is ... Old Family Photos

Happiness Is ... Old Family Photos
So for me today, Happiness Is … special moments from the past with my mother, and dandelions. 

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