Happiness Is … Gifts From Birchbox

Occasionally Birchbox will announce something on their Twitter feed offering extra samples, or surprises for a specific number of people who retweet for them. Recently I saw one of these tweets by Birchbox offering a certain number of followers two free full sized ChapStick products. ChapStick Renew and Moisturize Hydration Lock and ChapStick Night and Day Hydration Lock with Skin Protectant Sunscreen. 

I gave it a go and sent off my required tweet hoping to get to try these products:

I would want ChapStick Hydration “Day & Night” because I fight dry lips 24/7

Alas I was selected as I received the items in the mail today! I was surprised as I had no idea that I was getting them. 

It is always nice getting a random surprise in the mail, so I opened them and have tried them out today. 

I really love the Night and Day stick, the day side having a slight vanilla flavor and the night having a slight lemon flavor. It is a nice light flavor though and not overwhelming. Both sides are extremely moisturizing the night side being a bit thicker which is good as lip balm can easily come off at night. 

The Moisturize and Renew stick has an advanced anti-aging formula and I will admit I have never thought about anti-aging for my lips but it makes sense. 

I really needed a good lip blam for nighttime so I am really thrilled to have received this! I put on some kind of lip balm every night before bed because my lips do tend to get very dry at night but I was not in love with any of the balms I currently had. I am loving this one and its just good ol’ dependable ChapStick! 

Thank you Birchbox for sending this to me! I am a happy camper! 

So today, for me, happiness is … a surprise in the mail, one I really needed too! 

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