Happiness Is … Husband and Wife Rituals

Lately my husband and I have developed a ritual. I find rituals important in a marriage. Granted he may not love makeup the way that I do, and I may not like woodworking the way that he does, but I give him ideas for his woodworking, and he helps me with my beauty routine.

I have to redo my nails about twice a week, at least, due to not having a dishwasher my nails take a beating, that, and I love gardening, and playing in the dirt in general.

So our latest “ritual” or routine is that he will pick out my next polish for me. I generally work my outfits around the polish he has selected, unless we have plans to go out in which case I will preempt his selection for my own. Truth be told I really do not worry much about coordinating my nail color with my clothing, although at times it can become a bit of a clashing situation. 

Our ritual usually involves me doing my nails as we sit together and watch our shows at night, or during the day, depending on which schedule he is working. Due to him being on a mixed work schedule finding time together can be tough, and our sleep schedules do not always match up so finding time to do the things we need to do, and spending time together has to be in the simple things sometimes. 
Due to his work he has rough and callused nails and nail beds, so he has even allowed me, and asked me on occasion to help with his cuticles, and get rid of the rough spots for him. I introduced him to cuticle cream and he loves it. 

So for me, Happiness Is …creating fun rituals in my marriage that strengthen our bond. 

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